New Accessorised Channels by Barazza

Contemporary design innovators Barazza introduce new components to their ultra-stylish Accessorised Channel range, with the launch of pioneering technological modules.

Focusing on movement around the kitchen hub by acknowledging that this integral space within the home is more than just a place to cook, Barazza have skillfully addressed the need to utilise worktop space whilst boosting its efficiency and practicality. With options from between 90 and 180cm, the accessorised channels are designed around the sink, cooking and general-use zones within the kitchen and offer a choice of integrated modular options to add and configure as required.

The new technological range includes inbuilt scales that offer the possibility of setting different units of measure and can accommodate weights of 0-20kg. They also include the opportunity to pair with Barazza cooker hoods and room lighting for remote control capability. Additional modules in the tech range include smartphone and tablet induction charger, Bluetooth speakers, smartphone and tablet holder, and rotating power socket. New accessorised channels are available in both satin stainless steel and exclusive black options and are produced to be highly resistant to wear.

Additional modules include:

  • Chopping Board Holders with Chopping Boards Draining Rack
  • Knife Holder
  • Colander
  • Small/Large Glass Holder
  • Bottle Holder
  • Utensil Holder
  • Configuration options can accommodate between 4 and 6 integrated modules.