Plano 30” Multifunction Pyro Oven by Fulgor Milano

With its sophisticated, contemporary design, the Plano 30” Multifunction Pyro Oven from Fulgor Milano is no shrinking violet. This sizeable oven stands out amongst its competitors with a huge 123 litre internal cooking capacity, and an impressive performance spec.

With 15 cooking modes, including automatic pre-selective and customisable recipes, multilevel cooking, an integrated temperature probe and dual convection fan, the Plano Multifunction Pyro Oven offers professional results without scrimping on style. Featuring fingerprint-proof stainless steel and PYROLISIS automatic self-cleaning technology, maintaining a flawless finish is effortless.

  • Creactive Operating System
  • TouchControls
  • Customisable Weight, Cooking Time and Temperature Adjustment Temperature Boost
  • CoolTouchDoor
  • 2 Speed Tangential Cooling Ventilation
  • Keypad and Door Safety Lock Function
  • Smoke Catalyst
  • Internal Lighting
  • Black Porcelain Nickel-Free Enamel Interior
  • Telescopic Rails