Professional Outdoor Barbecue Grills by Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano believe the joy of cooking should be enhanced with the aid of thoughtfully produced appliances, and that more time should be spent sharing beautifully cooked food in the company of family and friends. With this ethos in mind, Fulgor’s Professional Outdoor Barbecue range has been designed with functionality, versatility, and aesthetics at its heart, so that the pleasure and experience can be taken outside with no compromise.

The Professional Barbecue range includes a choice of size options, offering 2, 3 or 4 linear gas burners, which can be used with both LPG and NG fuel options. Ignition for the burners is battery operated, meaning no need for external wiring, and includes a GasProtekt flame-out sensor valve and gas cut-off.

When configuring the grill, there is a choice between two lid options; the standard lid which protects the cooking surface when not in use, or the heightened option which allows for an extra shelf inside to roast food at a differing temperature to the grill. The higher lid option includes an inbuilt thermometer allowing for more precise and accurate cooking.

The grill itself can be configured using diverse surface options, with additional accessories available in both cast iron and stainless steel. Large pieces of fish and meat can be cooked on the open grill or closed griddle, whilst seafood, vegetables, noodles, and rice can be prepared simultaneously using the Teppanyaki plate. The ferocity of heat can be precisely adjusted for each individual burner using the brushed steel control knobs, whilst the flame deflectors can also be re-positioned.

Whether grilling, cooking or roasting, the Professional Outdoor Barbecue range from Fulgor Milano means accurate results are achievable in the garden, poolside, or on the terrace. brushed steel control knobs, whilst the flame deflectors can also be re-positioned.