Raptor Black Edition Vented Hob by Bozen

With the less-is-more design aesthetic becoming increasingly popular, we can’t help but focus on the super-sleek Raptor Black Edition vented hob by Bozen. With its monochromatic use of black aluminium against black ceramic glass, the Raptor is available in both ducted and recirculating models, enabling it to be positioned anywhere within the kitchen, whether within a counter-top or kitchen island.

Sitting flush to the worktop, the Raptor is a sizeable 870 x 520mm and includes 4 induction zones, all with Flex option enabling each zone to be expanded for a greater cooking area to accommodate larger pans. Each cooking zone benefits from 9 heat settings, all with a booster option.

The Raptor’s extraction system has 4 speed options and is located centrally within the cook zones, meaning the aspiration of moisture, grease and cooking odour is optimised regardless of where the pan is placed. The grease filter’s unique design enhances performance and is easily accessible.

As we see the philosophy of kitchen design moving ever closer towards a multifunction living area, we look towards premium appliances that add value whilst enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room. The Raptor Black Edition vented hob by Bozen not only serves its purpose, but sits beautifully in a space where design is key.

Additional features:

  • Colour: Black Ceramic Glass
  • Internal Motor: (700m³) recommended duct size 220 x 90mm
  • Ducting: Naber Compare 150 flat channel included
  • Product Operation: Slider control
  • Safety: Lock function
  • Energy rating: A+
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Diffuser: Black Aluminium